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Education in India has a rich history of laurels dating back to Nalanda university days.

Nalanda University in Bihar was a centre of excellence for educational needs of scores of students from all across the globe.

India education falls under the discretion of state and union governments, respectively.

Also, various articles of our constitution aim at enacting the education as the fundamental right. Most of the universities in India are either central government or state government controlled.

Pleasantly, education in India has made tremendous progress in imparting primary education in terms of attendance rates and expanding the literacy to over two thirds of the population.

India’s improved educational scenes have been cited many times as one of the noble reason for India’s improved economical scenario.

Despite growing market for education, still 35% of the population is illiterate and only a small number of about 15% populations reach high schools.

In India, the National Council of Education Research & Training is the apex body for syllabus related for school level education.

As a result, the NCERT provides financial training to many schools in India and also ensures the smooth functioning of them and not to forget the implementation of the various educational policies in their correct formats.

Other boards in addition to the state government controlled boards, there are other boards as well imparting and committed to provide quality education across India are Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian School Certificate Examinations (ISCE), National Institute of Open Schoolings (NIOS), etc.

Let’s see the division of Indian education directed at different levels, accordingly

Primary Education- This section of educational level emphasizes the impartment of basic education to students till the age of 14 years.

Secondary Education- this section of Indian education scene was devoted to the cause of students of various challenging attributes like disability.

Technical Education- Technical education like engineering, management, medicine, law, etc was classified as professional fields and these streams are monitored by none other than the technical education of India known as, All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). There could be found endless numbers of colleges in India providing these types of education.

Distance Education- There are various universities and deemed colleges that provides distance education in almost all the streams of education. Basically, people who don’t have time to join a full-fledged classroom program, these distance education have turned out as a boon to be educated while being away at their respective works.

Online Degrees- With the onset of technological revolution in India in full swing, various educational bodies capitalized on the same scenario and started to provide their courseware over the internet. People who don’t have time for full time courses or even distance programs can just enroll themselves at an online program and earn the degree in their respective timings, accordingly.

Women Education- Women Education, because of an increased level of awareness among the masses, has reached a new height of crescendo in the respective fields. Now, more girls and women are seen enrolling themselves for the same. Incidentally, educating women is like educating the whole family as she is the person who nourishes the family and thusFree Web Content, the move is more evident when compared to their male counterpart.

Stack Your Career With Flexi of Online Education

The process of online education has its roots in every part of the country no matter what the field is. The Online degrees are newly added sources to these online education process which are high in demand now day. The online degrees have provided the great area of leaning with wide knowledge and deep study thoughts. Online degrees can be obtained in any field you want that is the science, commerceFree Web Content, arts or the technical areas.

The Online degree courses has developed by far so much that there are so many students who are keenly interested in these education system. The online degree courses include various courses listed as below:

1. Bachelors in computers
2. Bachelors in arts
3. Bachelors in business administration
4. Bachelors in computer science
5. Masters in business administration
6. Master in computers
7. Engineering
8. Political science

And more are there which are to be listed. There are no fewer courses in the field of online education. The online education has widened up the areas and programs of learning that every student can learn the courses of their choice.

The online education has spread so much that not only the degree courses but the online schools have also been marked as the better education sectors in these years. The online schooling has been great help to maintain the coordination between student and his/her education. Parents are also much relaxed in this way when they see their child getting right education and without many efforts. The online school again divided into sub parts and that are the online high schools and the online public schools which are discussed below with full specifications.

1. The program of online high schools has topped the online school ideas. The online schools have provided a comfort to not only the children as well as the parents too. Parents are very much worried about the children education but through this online education the parents can see that what and how their child is getting educated. They can be the part of their education to. Children same as regular school can opt for their interested streams and study at any time they want. The study material can be collected from the school they wish to get certified and exams will be held within the rules and regulations of the respective schools.

2. The Online public schools are also in the list of online schooling. There are many public schools which provide the online education. This online education has advantages and disadvantages as well. Discussing about the disadvantage first then we can say that there is less interaction between students and the teachers where as if we talk about the advantage then there is mode of flexibility. Child can learn and practice the things he learned. If they have any doubts there are classes which are conducted by the schools and in this way student can solve their problems to. The time for self study is more in online education system.

Springtime in Schools: Preparing for Individualized Education Plans

The ice is beginning to melt, and springtime is just around the corner. For those of us who either work in schools or have a child in school, this usually means the beginning of the busy season we know as spring IEP time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this process, annual Individualized Education Plans (or IEPs) are usually completed in the spring for students receiving special education services. As we begin to embark on this busy time of year, it is important for parents and educators alike to reflect on the past year and the progress that the child/student has made, and look toward the future.

Parents of children with special needs sometimes feel that they are not an integral part of the IEP process. As you prepare for your child’s IEP, I would encourage you to do the following:

-Reflect in writing on the progress that your child has made over the past year.
-Write a list of your child’s current strengths and obstacles.
-Prioritize the obstacles your child faces, and write down ideas to overcome them.
-Write out where you would like to see your child 1-2 years, 4-5 years, and 8-10 year from now.
-Write down any goal or objective ideas that you would like to see your child’s school team work on with him or her in the next year.
-Ask your child if he or she would like to learn about something in particular during the next year of their education.
After thinking and writing about your child, it is a good idea to sit down with your child’s IEP team prior to the IEP to brief them on your thoughts, IEP ideas, and goals for the future. It is important to work together with school personnel in order to achieve the most success. Remember: The more we all work together, the greater the results we can achieve!

Educators of children with special needs should reflect on their students in much the same way as parents. As you prepare for each student’s IEP, I would encourage you to do the following:

-Review your progress and anecdotal notes from the past year.
-Write a list of strengths and obstacles that you see in the classroom environment.
-Brainstorm ideas on how to overcome the student’s obstacles.
-Make a plan for where you would like to see the student 1-2 years, 4-5 years, and 8-10 years from now.
-Send home parent questionnaires, and request parent input when beginning the IEP planning process.
-Set-up a team meeting to review progress, and receive input from parents and all professionals involved for next year.
-Consider typical developmental milestones when planning and writing IEP goals and objectives: Do you need to work on another developmental milestone before moving on to something else?
-Administer a questionnaire to each student regarding enjoyable activities and his or her learning preferences.

Once again, it is crucial for school personnel and parents to work together. By planning ahead and asking for parent input, the springtime IEP season can be more enjoyable and promising for the future!

For parents and professionals alike, the IEP season can be overwhelming. By planning ahead and thinking about your child or student’s IEP, it can become a more enjoyable and exciting experience for all. It is important to remember to work as a team, because as a team we can accomplish so much more than we can individually!

Reducing the Administrative Burden for Further Education Colleges

But the scheme brought with it an extra administrative burden for further education (FE) colleges. They now have to manage enrolment in the scheme, monitor attendance and notify the Assessment and Payment Body of their decisions to pay EMA students, or not pay, where applicable.

It is estimated that about half of all 16-year-olds studying in England qualify for the EMA. To receive the allowance, students must attend at least 12 hours of supervised further education courses each week. Payments are £10, £20 or £30 each week, depending on the income of the household. Students may also receive bonuses depending on the progress they make.

Attendance Management

Because attendance is a key factor in making payment decisions, FE college administrators need an accurate and efficient means of monitoring and recording this activity.

A system is therefore needed that gives FE college administrative staff the flexibility to choose the data capture methods that best suit their specific requirements. The software applied to control this document management needed to adapt to paper registers, direct data entry and remote entry using Web registers.

This flexibility is also needed in any reporting application, as users would need a wide range of report options. The most streamlined system would naturally allow users to create and save reports on the Web.

As well as offering Web reporting, the ideal software would also contain a Web portal with restricted access, password permissions allowing access to relevant informationArticle Submission, plus the ability to Process EMA bonus payments and EMA documentation. Secure web access for attendance data entry and Web-based attendance reporting would complete an ideal system.

The Popularity of Online Education

Since obtaining an education is normally completed in the standard way, a lot of people find it a surprise to fnd out that they could get an online degree. We normally think that only the more adventurous people would settle for this. Whether it be online course or not, we all will need a college education to ensure a better future for us.

Back in the olden times, parents would most likely break their back in an attempt to send their kids to school. Naturally, it was still unachievable for many people. The cost was very high to be able to send their kids to school. Often times, these kids wound up with unfinished degrees.

A whole lot of parents still end up with having the identical situation. Conditions permitting, a number parents prefer that their children work as opposed to going to school. This is where online education steps in. With this type of education, those who are capable could work and study concurrently.

When there is almost no time and a lot more sacrifices required, online education classes can be adapted to fit the learner’s needs and time. One can take advantage of the daytime job and pursue his training during the night time online.

This is also ideal for young moms who would like to pursue education even with all the current duties at home. This allows her to obtain education of a higher degree without shirking her jobs at home. Mothers would absolutely appreciate the opportunity to expand their horizons but still have the ability to enjoy her home routine.

People consider this to be more affordable as well. There won’t be unnecessary fees for transportation, additional textbooks, or even day care fees that a parent needs to pay while at school. Online education sets you free from travel stress.

Along with its practicality, people love that you can be relaxed and comfortable while you go to school and study. It truly is both relaxing, and practical. Education is simply easier this way.

They say the usefulness of this kind of education is subjective. Nevertheless, recent reports show that an excellent education proves to be a better remedy for someone who needs to work while they’re going to school. This system enables them to be successful in all areas of life from workComputer Technology Articles, friends and family and finances.

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The analysis also documented serious delays, particularly in cases of serious injury, from the time of accident towards the duration of recovery, if any was forthcoming at all.  Overall, the tale of the tort system because it related to accidental injury and death as a result of car accidents was clearly among inadequacy with regards to the variety of auto insurance Tampa victims compensated, amounts paid and promptness of response. Moreover, it had been apparent that the existing non-tort sources of compensation are not filling the gap inside the tort system.

Apart in the price of hospital care other sorts of loss . . . were poorly taken care of; only 24.9 percent from the total medical costs . . . 24.9 percent of income losses and only 7.2 percent of funeral expenses were reimbursed. Thus, substantial gaps stay in the non-tort coverage programmes which will persist even if a medicare programme created.

In 1966 legislation was passed in Ontario giving effect for some from the proposals of the Select Committee.  The most critical departure from the recommendations was the failure to help make the coverage mandatory. The legislation laid down some general principles that any insurance of the type envisaged were required to comply. However the purchase of such insurance  auto insurance Tampa remained optional. In view of the recently published findings of the Osgoode Hall study this was a curiously weak legislative response. As Professor Marvin Baer wrote following the legislation had receive force:
Once it has been established there are large numbers of victims who receive no compensation and really should receive it even when nobody is at fault, which the present voluntary system of arranging accident insurance doesn’t seem to be providing this, understanding that automobile owners being a group should pay for this car insurance in Tampa, FL compensation a compulsory insurance scheme has to be the result. Or perhaps you just duplicate something already on a voluntary basis.


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